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Yearlings are something
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Last year after several calls asking if we had yearlings or two year olds availiable we decided to keep back 6 of our weanlings to see how they would grow out.  After much discussion I won out and got to try it.

On this page is the results of my first attempt at keeping some of our babies for a year.  I have included pictures of them as weanlings and now as yearlings.  We did not feed them any commercial feed just hay, oats and of course water and then turned them out to grass in May.

They are all registered and I have included copies of their papers in with the pictures.  So just click on the picture of the one you like and the rest of their pictures should pop up.

Enjoy looking at our new project and let me know if you would be interested in getting one of them.

2012 Yearlings - click on thumbnail to view more pictures
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