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Greetings! From the wide open spaces of Central South Dakota. Welcome to our ranch. Our Family has been in the farming and ranching business in this area since the early 1900s when it was opened for Homesteading.

My name is Diana Aberle, with my husband Tom and our 3 sons, Terrance, Christopher, and Grant. We run 600 head of Red Angus cow/calf pairs and our registered Quarter Horses on 9000 acres of rolling prairies.

Over the years, we have not only raised Quarter Horses and Red Angus cattle, but have been in the Dairy business, had pigs, chickens and even a few sheep.  Now as our family moves towards the future and the next generation we have finally settled in with the commercial Red Angus cattle and Registered Quarter Horses.

My passion and dream growing up was to have my very own mares and to breed an exceptional group of weanlings. In 1998, after 14 years of marriage and milking cows, we sold the Holsteins to make room for some mares. We have always had QH’s on the ranch but never any Brood mares so that fall we purchased our first mare.

Since Tom and I are looking forward to retirement, we have begun the transition of the ranch to our 3 sons. As always, it seems that things must change in order to maintain our way of life in todays economy. The next generation must begin to find their nitch is todays world - and so it begins!!
We are turning the farm/ranch more to the farming and cattle part of the operation and away from our horses. They have always been my passion and not so much the boys so we will downsize to a more manageable number that I can take care of myself. (and it takes a lot less feed and land to only run 10 mares)
"Not interested in producing the most horses we can ~ only the best horses we can"
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